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Are paleontology museums perfect disposal sites for murder victims?

When two of her sorority sisters leave Ann Arbor for jobs at the Field Museum in Chicago, Curtain Taylor never hears from them again. They’ve promised to be her bridesmaids. Curtain’s fiancée, Cosmos Henderson agrees with her concerns.

The two young women have moved into a Chicago apartment where the mother of another sorority sister lived when she introduced her daughter to the landlord, Salvatore Bianco. Now the mother is missing, too. Salvatore says he is a former police officer and a guard at the museum.

Curtain’s father was furnished by a sperm bank, which might explain her fixation with the older, attractive landlord. How can her relationship with Cosmos withstand her obsession to find out what happened to her friends, which keeps her in constant contact with Salvatore?

When the girls don’t return for Curtain’s shower, an Ann Arbor detective is sent to search for the missing mother and the girls. Will Cosmos stay true to his promise of marriage, even though he’s been complaining of jealous and untrusting thoughts? Does she need to delay the wedding? Before the case is closed, three women and one man are found dead and Salvatore is the prime suspect. He’s stalking Curtain, even showing up at her wedding reception.

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