Jun 222016

In this day and age of mass distribution of intimate details, what do you consider your most unique characteristic?

Just for today are you able to eke out a quiet half hour all by yourself to relax to get a better perspective of your life?

Is today sufficient to tackle one problem without sustaining the solution for a lifetime?

Do you believe as Lincoln says that most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be?”

Is there something you should study to strengthen your mind, something useful?

Are you able to exercise your soul in three ways: does somebody a good turn and not get found out; if anyone knows about it, it will not count? Do at least two things you don’t want to do—just for exercise. Don’t show anyone your feelings are hurt even though they are hurt?

Is being agreeable to much to ask for today: Dress becomingly, keeping your voice low, being courteous, criticizing not one bit, not finding fault with anything, nor trying to improve or regulate anybody but yourself?

Wonder if I can accomplish even one suggestion today?

Professional Opinions

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Jun 082016

Here a list of questions I’m only learning to ask about the publishing business. If you have the time or experience, I would appreciate your help.

  1. When I come across a book I really like, I send a review to the author for approval to post on Amazon, is that normal practice?
  2. Have you ever been approached to use quotes from your reviews as part of a jacket recommendation?
  3. What do you find is the best approach for garnering reviews?
  4. Is this acceptable, “Please let me know if you enjoy my book?”
  5. As for all unknown subjects, I’m not sure I’m covering the information I need. What other questions should I be asking?
  6. How do you enjoy readers to post reviews on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble?

Thank you for your time.

Meet Rohn Federbush

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Jun 012016

Visit Ann Arbor Author Rohn Federbush

on June 18th from Noon to 5pm at the

Ann Arbor Book Festival

on Washington Street between 4th and 5th Streets.

Ann Arbor Book Festival

Her latest release St. Joan’s Architect will be on sale

St Joan's Architect - Cover (3)

In the meantime take advantage of her FREE BOOK

Hastings’ Dead

Hastings' Dead - Prototype Cover (3)

Unbiased Reviews Welcome

Shakespeare’s Lexicon of St. Joan

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May 252016

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Did Shakespeare vent his spleen in Henry VI? Was the dialogue of his characters a convenient excuse for describing France’s savior with vitriolic adjectives? St. Joan didn’t deserve to be called: a mad chambermaid, a beggar’s brat, algayne of the devil, drab of Lorraine, Armagnac’s whore, or the devil’s milkmaid. The virgin leader of France’s dispirited troops beat the round heads fair and square. Of course, saying she could pull them down from the clouds themselves didn’t endear her to England. St. Joan called them god-damns because of their constant swear words. She promised her own army they would be victorious if they stopped taking the Lord’s name in vain. And does France appreciate their heroine, or is she relegated to encouraging young women that their dreams can be made real. I think she will haunt France until she is given her due recognition, despite the grand Shakespeare’s ill muse.

Voices Who Chose St. Joan

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May 182016

051816 Blog

St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of France, of course appeared to Joan of Arc when she witnessed the English robbing her village of livestock to feed their armies. And when Romèe, Joan’s mother, refused to force her into marriage, St. Margaret of Antioch became her steadfast companion. Margaret’s mother, portrayed symbolically as the Satan-dragon who gave her birth, failed to protect her daughter from death, when Margaret refused to marry. And St. Catherine, who convinced fifty of the wisest men in Alexandria to follow the Lord, stayed by Joan’s side to answer each argument with common sense.

Mark Twain, Bernard Shaw, Henry Adams, Francis Gies, Lucky Foster Madison, Regine Pernoude, V. Sackville-West, and Brian Tyson all would have wanted to bend the sweet damsel’s ear if they hadn’t been born too late in history. Where writers failed her, architects might yet fulfill St. Joan’s need to be recognized today as the temporal savior of the nation of France.

Fictions of Joan of Arc

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May 112016


Sackville West, in his book “Saint Joan of Arc,” tries to prove every miracle of Joan’s. However he concedes Joan used every method necessary to succeed in freeing France from the English. Did she contrive with her uncle to persuade the general to provide her with troops by the miracle of hens laying eggs after she prayed, or did the peasants hide the eggs he daily requested? Did she recognize the Dolphin in his disguise or did her Voices point him out with supernatural means? Whatever her guile, she convinced her troops to stop swearing if they wanted to win France back.

What has been your most successful manipulation of others?

May 042016

The idea of “St. Joan’s Architect on Mont Saint Michel” paranormal novel possessed both the setting and the haunting element, but the characters at first refused to appear on the page. As the mother of two sons, my relationship with my own mother felt less resolved than perhaps authors’ with daughters. My two older sisters and younger brother left Mother little time to nurture a third daughter, who drained the family’s limited finances with doctoring for her crossed eye, broken ear drum and dropped foot. Mother’s death in 1994 annihilated any chance of reconciliation.

So the empty page beckoned to create my daughter, an architect about to start college. As a psychic and multiple married mother, I could immediately layout the conflict between the daughter’s hopes of happy ever after and the stymied ghost-buster mother.

Feeling welcomed by Joan of Arc, once my heroine arrived on Mont Saint Michel; she imagines never leaving by marrying a citizen rather than going off to college. Her widowed mother is about to marry her fourth husband, which means abandoning the heroine’s home town. The first candidate for marriage is an artist who sketches the heroine in a nude pose. However, he’s been engaged for four years to a young woman about to return to the island from college. His cousin, the hero, however is visiting the Mont for the last time before he begins a predestined life as a shipping magnate in his father’s business. He’s loathe to leave Mont Saint Michel for this his last summer vacation. After his first sight of the heroine as she steps aboard the Mont, he’s determined she’s his soul mate.

And this author’s beat goes on.

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Apr 292016

I remember Mark Twain’s epiphany. As a boy in Hannibal, Missouri the page of a book about St. Joan flew across his path. He ran home to ask his mother if such a person actually existed in history. Assured the courageous damsel was real; Samuel Clemmons determined to be a writer. His daughters testified that whenever he read the last chapter of his book about Joan of Arc, he wept.

My research about Mont Saint Michel found the dates around 1421 coincided with Joan’s history. Also the Mont was the only hold out in the war against the English takeover of France—hence my connection for “St. Joan’s Architect.” The Mont might have been her only place of refuge when history lost sight of her for four months.


1995 Trip to Mont Saint Michel

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Apr 202016

Mont Saint Michel’s Grand Staircase leads to the Abby. My long awaited 1995 trip included pilgrimages from all over France. One over weight woman was on her knees on the rough stone step. I reached out my hand to assist her up; but she waved me off.

I was ten when I put stones in my shoes to walk up and down our staircase to release souls from purgatory. One trip convinced me those people would need to look elsewhere for help. Mark Twain said suffering only makes us selfish and is of no worth. I agree. I think our Creator loves us enough to want us happy.

I think every stone in the Mont contains cast off sins of living people who reached for their higher selves. God bless them.

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