Conversations With Agents

My conversations with agents over the last twenty years have been a bit one-sided. Without delving into the absence of my listening abilities, I’m hoping and overly eager to engage them. So far nearly twenty percent responded.

“The Bus Orphan” has been read by a friend with a PhD in English. Let me quote her, “Your book does not fit into any genre. It’s a literary book belonging to General Fiction.” She also gave an example of similar work I love called “A Man Called Ove.” In 1995 “The Bus Orphan” was part of my Masters thesis in Creative Writing at EMU in Michigan. In 1997 “The Bus Orphan” was also a semifinalist in the James Fellowships in Sisters, Oregon.

In this magic-realism, multicultural novel, “The Bus Orphan,” Norman Kennedy, a middle-aged, adult orphan finds a family. Hooking up with Doris Dunacker, an overweight owner of a haunted house, connects him with a world of indigenous ghosts intent on moving her house off sacred burial grounds. Her house is burnt to the ground; but Norman is welcomed into her handyman’s family when he returns to his tribe in Oklahoma. Doris and the rest of the assembled family move to Waterloo to continue the series.

Since 2000 I published seventeen novels and short stories. To purchase my books please visit my, for five-star reviews and other literary awards. Since my last publication in 2017, I have finished three magic realism novels of this series, one memoir and one contemporary romance set in Maui. My maternal grandmother lived to be 102; I expect no less from me. I’m eighty so that’s at least twenty more books to be hatched.

My followers on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn and Instagram top seven thousand. I need a traditional publisher to insure adequate distribution. Let me thank agents for their consideration and any time they can afford me.

Rohn, 734-223-6045,, RWA