Divine Spark?

Was it a Divine Spark, or the unconscious taping the slain? “A Flash of Pink” my new short story, took two days to arrive. What was the idea’s source? In answer to where do you get your ideas? I know the frequent showing of the police video. The scene of the graphic death of a 16-year-old girl, righteously killed to save another child, who was dressed in a pink jogging outfit, might have demanded a fictional eulogy. The life gone, a girl. So much rage had to be nurtured by more than one wrong. So the story piled up, needed a voice. A fictional list of betrayals, abuses, a moment of love’s true beat, and the last betrayal with its murderous madness. Now the topical story’s only want is a publisher.

Do you believe awareness of the unconscious, the in-self, a divine spark, guides our actions for-self? Why do we do what we would not and not do what we would? rohn@comcast.net.

2 Replies to “Divine Spark?

  1. Your question is a good one, Rohn. Why does one person see an event and decide to write a story, another decide to march against the police, and another barely think about it? Even if we write the story, chances are no two will be alike. We are in God’s image, but we are no clones. Thank goodness for our individuality.

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