Do Agents Notice Contests?

If so, which contests are worth entering. I remember the Golden Heart of RWA nearly promised being picked up by agents. Then I heard stories of agents NOT succumbing to the winner promise. If then self-publishing doesn’t sell because of lack of distribution, what’s a writer to do? Not writing is not an option.

Digging into the haystack of agent information, leads to more discouragement. Attendance at conferences with agent appointments for the majority leads to face-to-face rejections or worse sad promises by supposed agents who then are let go by their firms.

If you think some courage is needed to stand at the gate waiting for a response is difficult, try twenty years of effort piled behind you, waiting to at least be read. Where does the confidence to lay down the story come from? What if grace prompts the pen to continue to fashion words from the ether? What force knocks the ego to say on? Pity not my condition.

Surely the number of unencumbered agents awash with entreaties by the thousands who are unwelcomed by a diminishing number of publishers gives some indication of the deep ocean of words waiting to be revealed to earnest readers, who seek relief in entertainment, or want to be sustained by shared trauma, or to find solace from alike-minded souls still inhabiting the earth.

Let us not cease the activity of releasing our hearts onto the page for others to feel the beat and hum of humanity stretched out to greet each other. Say on, and for Pete’s sake tell a writer why you didn’t love the effort.