God’s Time: Kairos

 Kairos (God’s Time) 

Rushing around trying to meet a deadline

Stuck in traffic, can’t drive through the car in front

A quick prayer for help either elongates

The minutes or relaxes enough for real efficiency.

Delayed answers to prayers usually includes

A better setting, renewed heart, or eloquent solution.


English confuses elements of time, too.

Ypsilanti sign: “Water Coming Soon Stock Up Now”

Delivery expected, why should customers show up now?

A flood coming, disaster relief on higher ground?

Missed delivery re-promised,

What’s the motivation to show up now?


Sort of like life. Happiness around the corner with babies on the way.

Reality peeks with bountiful wants and trials

Years pass, they leave as they should.

Then elongated distances of time and space

Leave the promise of happiness tethered

To their own life decisions and promises.


Almost recommends heaven as the only respite for happiness.

Then I saw a YouTube video of a man picking up a stethoscope.

When he listened to a rose appropriate songs burst forth

He tapped into a pole nearby and “Lean on Me” came through

He looked at his chest and listened, “Halleluiah, Allelulia.

Christ within, happiness abounding in the moment!


Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, no jam today.

Ann Arbor City Club