Have You Broken Into Any Ann Arbor Bookstores?

Are your books shelved in Ann Arbor stores or libraries?

If I can help you in anyway, let me know. My latest release Separation Anxiety is shelved at the Nicola’s Bookstore, Crazy Wisdom and the Agatha Christie Mystery Bookstore.

Agatha Christie’s paid 50% for each book they accepted.

Nicola’s Bookstore accepted one each of Separation Anxiety and Sally Bianco’s Mystery Series. The second book had previously sold on consignment at the store.

Book Bound has five of my earlier books on their shelves to date, with Separation Anxiety being read for future placement. The Halloween Anthology with Renci Denham’s short story and mine will also be under review for a reading on October 15th.

Crazy Wisdom is also shelving Separation Anxiety.

Barnes & Noble lists my book Separation Anxiety, but will order it for shipment to the buyer. My next book, In Lincoln’s Shadow contract has a one-year return policy. This return policy is a requirement for shelving at Barnes & Noble.

So far, Amazon does not have my book on my Author Page, but it can be ordered on Kindle or in Paperback.

Separation Anxiety - Cover

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