IWSG: I Remember

–the taste of Mother’s cream puffs for supper. On the farm she had all the necessary ingredients. I remember Daddy making strawberry ice cream with the dry-ice steam rising from the bucket while he turned the handle.

I remember my sister Lori’s salt apple pie when she changed the sugar to the salt canister in Mother’s kitchen. I took the first bite of the fragrant pie. We could smell it above the barn’s odor. I rushed out the front door to spit. Daddy followed me to spit his out too. Then he threw the salt contents of the clearly marked sugar canister out the front door. The grass died where it fell and didn’t grow back all summer.

I remember the taste of Brillo soap from the spaghetti my first husband heated up in the frying pan that I couldn’t get clean. He was hospitalized with food poisoning. I hadn’t swallowed more than a fork full

He’d been taught to finish his plate. His lips turned blue and he had green circles under his eyes.

I remember the salty splendor of barbecued kippers my friend, Robert Koelz, offered me.

If taste and odors keep the reader chained to the fictive dream, maybe I should edit/add one example to each page of my WIP, Home from the Woods.

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  1. Such wonderful descriptions! You really should include something about the foods you ate (or didn’t eat!); it seems to be a big thing in many books today.

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