IWSG: Lenten Promises

I need to trade television for more hours before my memoir writing computer. However, my husband needs time too. Maybe between the end of the news and Criminal Intent at eight o’clock, I could trade an hour. Or I could ask him if it is a rerun. Trouble is, he won’t remember. So I could go down, identify the re-run for him and go back upstairs to write until nine.

Of course, I could get up at six o’clock and write for an hour. That would probably be the best solution. And on some calendar I should block out writing time refusing to trade for doctor, dentist, or other interruptions.

I do need to get started again or I’ll never finish “Home from the Woods” by the end of the year.

Agent queries could still be sent out. Water aerobics, Mahjongg, and Tai Chi would still be accomplished as well as backgammon with my husband, right?


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9 Replies to “IWSG: Lenten Promises

  1. Sounds like your promises are waiting on you to fulfill them. Maybe, you have too many. Sometimes writing for twenty minutes is better than trying to write for an hour. However, there are times when we just have to check out and chill. As for sending out queries to agents, I would wait until the book is finished. If they love your query they are going to want to see the book and that will put pressure upon you that you don’t need.
    All the best.

    P.S. Rohn, I am putting my IWSG link here because I have several websites on the web with different themes and have been told from others that they can’t find me. my IWSG is at http://patgarciaandeverythingmustchange.com

  2. Even a few minutes is better than no minutes. And by starting small you have a better chance of making a habit that will be easier to stick to in the long run and hopefully extend to longer writing times.

    I have a very long bus commute to and from work every day. It’s a pain, but on the other hand it’s wonderful because it’s my only opportunity to write. I’ve written my entire current book on that bus with my laptop balanced on my knees every day. It’s awkward and annoying to do, but after awhile it just becomes part of the routine. Now I get really annoyed if my battery dies or I’m too tired and doze off – it’s a part of my day I have to accomplish or I feel icky.

    IWSG March

  3. If only we could make days longer. What to give up to get more computer time? Good luck finding a way to make it happen.

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