IWSG: New Marketing Source

Tom Blubaugh on LinkedIn has a following of experienced writers who freely give information to Tom’s followers. For instance:

“LinkedIn is my favorite when it comes to getting people interested in the services we offer. Probably the most difficult for selling books.

The thing we need to investigate before getting on any social media platform is to determine the purpose for which it was created. I’m convinced if a person would take 3 days and research a platform, including watching videos on Youtube, they would become an expert or at the very least very knowledgeable on the plaform. They would know if it was good platform for the.

This is the fast way to find out. The slow way, is to join a social media platform and struggle through tiral and error or copying what others are doing without finding out if it works or not. I call those who do this Sheeple. They follow people without thinking for themselves.

Not being negative, just honest.

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? In what we are doing—fast is slow and slow fast.

Many, many, many authors get on platforms with other authors and try to sell their books. If you want 1,000 authors to buy your book, are you willing to buy 1,000 books from the author authors? It’s a lose lose situation.”

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  1. I like your “sheeple” comment. Sometimes I think we do simply follow what others are doing without analyzing if it’s good for us or not.

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