IWSG: To Draft or Not

It’s not in my nature to write a draft. I outline obsessively, changing the numbers on the scenes as soon as I write one. I do have an outline for “Home from the Woods.” However, NaNoWriMo broke the mold. I said I was writing a draft and off I went. Freedom beckoned. No need to worry about which day that happened or when to use commas before ‘and’—I just write.

I recommend writing a free-flowing draft before the plot as jelled in your head to an unmovable piece of cement. The draft is up to cutting and pasting, deleting redundant information, and taking out those prosy verses.

Who’s with me on this? The joy of words falling next to whole paragraphs, or do you prefer the scene pillowed and perhaps lame, limping toward the inevitable black moment?

Hurray for me learning something new—at seventy-five!


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  1. I agree we need to get the story down before we go back and edit but my poor mind doesn’t work that way… I have to. It’s the OCD in me.

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