IWSG: What Convinces You You’re An Author?

Standing in front of 25 familiar faces interested in what I was about to say somehow accomplished the deed for me. I sent out 80 postcard invitations. Twenty percent return isn’t that bad, but these were not cold calls. Of the four cakes with pictures of my two books as icing, one and a half were consumed. They obviously didn’t come for the cake. I sold and signed eleven books at a discounted price.

“In Lincoln’s Shadow” boasted a picture of the Ann Arbor City Club on its cover. Five of the attendees were from the club. “Separation Anxiety” has a picture of the University’s Paleontology Museum. Two participants worked there in the past.

In Lincoln's Shadow - Cover  Separation Anxiety - Cover

My husband, Paul, was nervous giving me directions to relax and be myself. Somehow seeing him tense, did let me relax. I knew these people and I knew which passages I wanted to read.

My talk went well. Paul’s a stand-up comic for University events, so he told jokes—sitting down—for ten minutes while stragglers assembled. I talked about when I became a writer and why, then explained my fixation with Lincoln. For “In Lincoln’s Shadow” I read a romantic tension scene. Then I explained why a paleontology museum is a great place to hide the bones of murdered victims before reading an escape scene of the serial killer in “Separation Anxiety.”

As in our dinner parties, I exclaimed it was time for cake as I signed books for my friends. The net result was that I do feel to be more of an author after this virginal experience. I hope the title remains intact until my eyes close from this dream of reality.

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  1. I’m glad that the talk went well. I’m also horrendously nervous before speaking in public but then afterward, it’s like.. why’d I worry!

  2. You should be proud for putting yourself out there and taking the time and effort to do the talk. I’m impressed. (And I love cake.)

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