Do You Love to Solve Mysteries?

“The Annals of Unsolved Crime,” by Edward Jay Epstein intrigued me enough to buy a hard copy instead of the paperback. Part Two, Suicide, Accident, or Disguised Murder lists ‘The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe.”

The Annals of Unsolved Crime

God bless Google. They have the historical photographs of Carl Sandburg with Marilyn by Paul Belguin, which I remember seeing in Life Magazine in 1962. At the time I was impressed with her liaison with the cream of intelligentsia which included Arthur Miller, her husband for a short duration.

Marilyn’s last audio is her interview with Richard Meryman for Life Magazine, filmed by Peter Sneyde, and published on August 3rd. It is available on Google’s YouTube. The written article was called FAME. Marilyn said fame was like eating caviar. You wouldn’t want it every day. One actor said kissing her was like kissing Hitler. She responded that the man she was kissing wasn’t even there. Her imagination substituted another man. And about nicknaming her Late, she said it wasn’t arrogance it was the opposite. She drank more and more alcohol during the interview and laughed at inappropriate times, as she vented her anger about Hollywood’s mistreatment. She did not trust the Press to tell the truth. Meryman recalls being told the day after his article was published that she was found dead.

At some point in a previous interview she was asked if she ever kept a diary or journal. She said sometimes when things happened she would write them down but then tear them up. Returning to Epstein’s article, he mentions her connection with the Kennedy’s and her phone calls to them before she died. The housekeeper swears she was asked to leave the house by three well-dressed men. In the three hours before Marilyn was found dead, the death scene was cleaned up.

We are left with unanswered questions:

  1. Was the FBI involved in cleaning up the crime scene after they removed incriminating evidence which might embarrass the President and leader of the free world during the Cold War?
  2. Or did the FBI take care of the messy business for their chief, the Attorney General with the ultimate solution?
  3. Were her doctors involved in giving lethal prescriptions innocently?
  4. Or were they involved in the cover up, too?
  5. The interview clearly reveals a troubled persona. Does that mean Marilyn did commit suicide after repeatedly calling members of the Kennedy family?

I am prepared to blame the FBI as the culprits. What is your opinion?

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  1. Very interesting, Rohn. I think her death will always be a mystery. I’m not ready to blame the FBI, but I’m sure they were in there making sure all embarrassing evidence disappeared.

    1. Me too, Maris. Too bad we can’t ask for transparency. I still remember Hoover keeping files on everyone and standing on a box behind his desk to interview people.

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