Maui Time Publication

Maui Time by Rohn FederbushThe pleasure of writing has increased since The Wild Rose Press gave me a contract for “Maui Time” publication. After self-publishing fifteen books on Amazon with lots of money spent, I’m relieved to finally be picked up by a traditional publisher. Still in the editing process but about to receive the final galley work, I expect to be published within 2022. “Maui Time” won third place in 2006 Virginia’s Marlene RWA Contest.

In this romantic suspense novel Svetlana Nigel’s first job out of college is as the personnel manager of Maui Power. Soon afterward, the charred bodies of two women she hired are found in a car at the bottom of a cliff.

When a suspicious yellow pickup stalks her one day, Svetlana realizes she needs help. Sure, Clay Markin, thrown out of the Police Academy, is a divorce investigator; but all six-foot-five inches encased in white silk recommend him to solve the case. And Svetlana hires him on the spot… but can Clay solve the murder and resist Svetlana’s charms?

Hope to hear back after you find and read this romantic suspense novel, or any of my other mysteries.