My Writing Career

In ten years when I’m eighty-six, I suspect I will still be writing. My career may take a turn for the better because of my advanced age.

In five years I plan to reach a modest goal of a steady writing income of from $5,000 to $7,000 from books sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local bookstores.

In three years I hope to be recognized as a local author in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Greater Detroit. Speaking engagements may be a part of that future income along with book sales up to $3,000. I suspect $1,000 marketing investment per year will be required.

I’m considering asking for quotes for my website upgrade:

I want all my books shown as side bars on the left and right of a central-main column.

All of my Romantic Suspense Books I want on the left:

  1. In Lincoln’s Shadow
  2. Separation Anxiety
  3. Bonds of Affection
  4. Hastings Dead
  5. Sally Bianco’s Mystery Series (3 books: The Legitimate Way, The Appropriate Way, and the Recorder’s Way)

On the right I want:

  1. Fantasy: St. Joan’s Architect
  2. Michigan Historical Romance:
    1. 1812 North Parish
    2. 1841 Floating Home
    3. 1879 Love’s Triumph
  1.  Biblical Fiction: Salome’s Conversion

In the center column I want to give away Separation Anxiety which truncates into In Lincoln’s Shadow cover.

Later I want to give away Hastings Dead truncating into Sally Bianco’s Mystery Series

A better idea might be to start linking a monthly e-newsletter in the column with a Mail Chimp address keeper for those who want to keep receiving my information. I would like to be taught to add this newsletter by myself, too.

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