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I dreamt of readers culled from the ranks of young library traffickers. Most were active in their churches, dedicated students looking forward to college and a useful life of service to their fellows. I overheard a group of girls discussing another writer’s works. They said whenever they came upon a woman in the Bible they rushed to see if she had written about the Biblical character. I sheepishly approached them with information about my book, “Salome’s Conversion.” The references and a guide for Bible study are detailed on my website.

I encouraged them to Google my name to find the young adult books I self-published on Amazon: three historical fictions about the Great Lakes, one mystery series, the Biblical fiction, and a contemporary romance.

Then I awoke realizing most of my web contacts are writers, who belong to Michigan writers groups, whose books I’ve read, or Facebook and LinkedIn contacts who request confirmation of interest.

My question today is: How do other writers find and keep readers? Dreaming isn’t very productive. Amazon promotions and giveaways are about as fruitless.

Question Mark 1It’s true I love to write fiction more than pursue marketing avenues. Surely most writers share this sentiment. So dear writers out there, readers of this blog, and stray encounters, what concrete action harvests flocks of readers?

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  1. Good question with no easy answer, sadly. I think the secret is to keep your reader in mind while you write and to always write the best possible story you can produce. A lib answer, I know, but it seems the biggies won their readership by word of mouth more than anything. For me, there’s a lesson to be learned in that. One that I never want to forget.

    1. I don’t think it is a glib answer. Word of mouth probably means I should start seeking book signings where readers could become acquainted with my books. How do you contact libraries and book stores to acquire schedules to ‘perform?’

  2. I like to connect with readers in a more personal way. I email and share information with them. When I find a wonderful connection, I keep it going strong… much like a great friendship!

  3. Thanks, Melissa. I’m going to start a separate file for my readers. Do you email them separately?

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