Recommend Email Efficiencies

Time Management

I’ve tried setting a timer, but the world of ether pulls me hither and yon. The daily messages swamp my computer. I cull them to spam and delete entire days. Nevertheless I make serious errors and alienate more people than I win over. Even my son will scream in print, “What do you mean!”

My Admin, Florence Price, does all the heavy work. She adds me to sites and publicizes my books and blogs. I’m left to struggle to find appropriate lists of readers in Goodreads and LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the like. I love the blogs people respond to and reply right back as soon as I’m able.

Obviously I need help in this immediate universe of words. How do you approach or manage your visits into these deep realms of shared space? Do your websites print off email lists for you to contact? Are your Facebook shares as productive and enlightening as you aspire to?

Do you cheat, as I do, and mark ‘all read’ when I have no idea why anyone on the list even contacted me? Are you asked to read more books than your house will hold? How do you spare your time to write?

I need a successful map laid out. Some sites only allow notes on certain days, on limited topics, or subject entries to the moderator’s judgment. All efforts to answer my quandary will be sincerely considered, and appreciated


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  1. I’m currently suffering from the same issue. The more I interact with other authors and websites, the more email I get. I get very selective, but still can’t keep up. I have over 1,000 items in my To Read folder, many with great articles about writing, but I don’t get to them. It does take some discipline and planning, but I haven’t found the perfect solution yet. (And if I check “Notify me of follow-up comments by email,” I’ll get even more email ;).

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