Resonant Cavities

In which questions can be heard welcome those who push on the doors of oppression; Salman Rushdie, Lenny Bruce, Abbie Hoffman, Gloria Steinem and John Lennon. As fat or as drunk or as drugged is as dishonest is to freedom. Gerald Vizenor says methods are the death of imagination (1988). I mean the methods of searching for inspiration are blind alleys. Plagiarism and learning to repeat wrist rhythms of others is a guaranteed way to lose the promise of new universes. Pinching or floating the mind into tightly folded avenues of mirrors can lead to a serious and final emptiness. The user lies that blend boundaries with the oppressor, limit the freedom of dashed-Americans, and female-americium. We, the majority, are told to coldly go or to enjoy the boundaries. Staying conscious of the insatiable longing for equality may be the fiction told while playing tag and getting lost in liberty.