Retreat From Harsh Reality

At our Mid-Michigan RWA Chapter Retreat, Rita Clay Estrada re-energized participants by detailing the history of Houston’s beginning Romance Writers of America as well as opening up the secrets of publishing in today’s industry.

04-29-15 Blog Post

I recognized among those in attendance, Margo Hoornstra – Michigan’s original founder, Dawn Bartley – Retreat Assistant, Rosanne Bittner – of 85 published novels and  recognized western romance expert, Connie Bretes, Annette Briggs, Kristen Brockmeyer, Diane Burton – I purchased “The Case of the Bygone Brother,” Renci Denham – first contract in 2014, Diane Flannery, Nancy Gideon – scary paranormal novelist, Patty Gordon, aka Patricia Kiyono – I bought her book “Searching for Lady Luck,” Melissa Keir, Anne Marie King-Jakubiak, Pat Klein – forgot to have her sign “The Boy Who Danced with Monkeys,” Lucy Kubash, Laurie Kuna – our president, who lavishes her generosity of time and expertise on us all, Pat Lazarus – recognized as our most friendly member, Loralee Lillibridge, Alyssa Marble – a Rita finalist as Alyssa Alexander, Julie McMullen – Retreat’s Award Coordinator, Pam Moser – Golden Heart finalist, Dana Nussio – aka Dana Corbit, Malea Powell – immediate past president, Maris Soule – multi-published novelist with “A Killer Past” to be published in June of 2015 and “Eat Crow and Die” to be released in July 2015, Anne Stone – the Retreat organizer and recipient of this year’s Angel Award, Diana Stout, Gloria Tiller – of Kazoo Books with encouraging specific advice, as well as the new faces of Mary Greenway and many Greater Detroit RWA members.

I missed seeing Florence Price with The Novel DifferenceTM  who provided a professional brochure of my Amazon novels. After reading the particulars of my history, reviews, and genre list, I recognized myself as an ‘Author’ for the first time in my fifty-seven years of writing.

The Bay Point Inn, Shelbyville, Michigan may host next year’s Retreat. I would strongly suggest early registration. We were sold out this year. You will be reinvigorated to continue your writing efforts, optimistic about a publishing future, and inspired by the comradery of authors who have traveled the long road you are traveling now. And you will, I promise, have fun along the way.

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6 Replies to “Retreat From Harsh Reality

  1. Enjoyed your post! Thanks for mentioning all of us retreat-goers. It was a wonderful time and so glad so many of us were able to be there to celebrate the 30 year anniversary.

  2. Great job, Rohn. There’s really no way to summarize the fun we had nor cover all of the information that was shared. Great location, great speaker, great group of participants. I’m glad you now see yourself as a writer. I’ve seen you as one–a very talented one–for years.

  3. Wasn’t it a great time! Just getting together was great. Our speaker Rita Clay Estrada made it fabulous.

    1. Bless you for that comment. But I think I was the one having the best experience!

  4. What a wonderful conference it was! I was stunned by the friendships, the learning experience and the absolute fun that was apparent whenever any two writers were together!
    Thank you for letting me be with you for this experience!

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