Separation Anxiety: Synopsis

Separation Anxiety - Cover

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Curtain Taylor’s name is the result of her mother choosing a sperm bank for convenience sake. Her sorority sisters at the University of Michigan call her Drape. Drape graduates at eighteen with a doctorate in statistics. Her non-believing fiancée, Cosmos Henderson (Sky), leaves for a teaching job in Lansing. Then two of her sorority sisters abandon Ann Arbor for positions in Chicago. They’ve promised to be her bridesmaids. Their Chicago landlord, a handsome father figure, constantly visits Drape in Ann Arbor. How can her relationship with Sky last when she’s obsessed to find out what happened to the girls when they don’t show up for her shower? Drape trust the Lord to keep Sky true to his promise of marriage, even though he’s complaining of jealous and untrusting thoughts about the landlord’s repeated appearances. Should she delay her wedding until her friends show up?

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      1. I am not sure, I’m thinking about going back in and having a little more taken off. It’s not doing what I wanted it to do.

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