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St Joan's Architect - Cover

By Jen L. on July 6, 2016

Art, history, island life, and romance. Lovely romantic read on the island of Mont Saint Michel. The protagonist, Catherine, is approached by St Joan of Arc and given a mission. She starts to fall for Romee, an artist, as her conservative mother watches out and advises her. The connection between mother and daughter is showcased as we witness the continuous dialogue between Catherine and her mother. I absolutely loved Rohn’s classic smooth writing style. It was a very pleasant, fun, that had me inspired by the end.

5.0 out of 5 stars Pleasure to read

By Michelle Geist on June 28, 2016

Set upon the magical island of Mont Saint Michel, this is a romantic and beautiful tale. Federbush has created a world where history and the modern day meet, and explores an original idea in which this meeting creates an opportunity for Joan of Arc to live on into the present. Through Catherine Marksteiner, a young student, Joan is able to convey messages. The theme of St Joan’s Architect is one of art, the love of art, and the importance of remembering the people who helped shape our heritage and make it possible to achieve what we want in life. An inspiring story and a pleasure to read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Romantic and historical with a twist

By Julie Burroughs on June 22, 2016

‘St Joan’s Architect’ combines fiction, with historical facts about the island of Mont Saint Michel and it’s previous inhabitants. The story follows a young architectural student, Catherine, who is persuaded by St Joan of Arc herself to undertake a project in her memory. A love story between Catherine and resident Romee adds to the passion of the situation. I enjoyed the development of the relationships in this story, and the little elements of humor made for a light hearted read. A well written romantic story with a historical twist that kept me highly entertained.