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My completed novel “St. Joan’s Architect” won fourth place in the 2001 Heart of the West Contest held by the Utah Chapter of RWA. Of course, I’m hoping an agent or publisher will profess interest. With that aim in mind, I thought the list of the reference books might be a useful ploy. My husband and I visited Mont-Saint-Michel for four days in 1995 to soak up the atmosphere. The novel claims St. Joan might have stayed on the Mont the four months she’s missing from historical accounts before the English captured her. Her ghost haunts a young architect, who knows she wants to live on the Mont and accepts the advances of the owner of her hotel only to find he’s engaged — but his younger cousin is smitten with her. And he has the connections and money to see the pink glass Dome of St. Joan erected on the empty west platform of the Abbey.


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  1. You certainly did your research. I visited Mont-Saint-Michel in the 60s and loved the place. I don’t remember anything of it’s history, but I do remember the warnings we received about the tides. We made sure we were on high ground by the time the water started rising.

  2. Rohn, I visited Mont-Saint-Michel in 2007. So much history there. What an interesting concept you’ve used in your book. Congratulations on the contest placement and good luck with its publication.

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