Veterans’ Plight

Let me know what you think of this idea for a book pursuit. I was thinking about justice, but that gets complicated when mercy is introduced. Better is the curiosity about trust, trusting others. Does love come first, when not jaded by past negative experiences? Is trust needed to the extent that every action of someone is guaranteed to be righteous? What say you? And does literature point the way?


I’ve been thinking about the plight of Veterans, how we’ve let them down to the tune of 20 of them committing suicide every day. I’m told listening to their memories, violent as they may be, might help. I’m hardly one to encourage the vivid mayhem’s scenes. And then I thought of how they must view their actions, where justice and mercy meet.


My ability to trust has developed because the man I live with trusts me. It was a surprise to me. Maybe moving every school year as a child put trusting friends on a back burner, since goodbye was in the air.


Let me know what you think of my soul’s ramblings