Walking with Jesus for Three Years

Walking with Jesus for Three Years

Did you know I wrote a book, where my heroine walks with Jesus for three years, while he was on earth? Salome’s Conversion follows the King James’ four versions of walking with Jesus for three years of his ministry. Not everyone who followed Jesus believed everything they saw. Neither did all the apostles understand the words Jesus used for three years. He spoke in parables for the crowds but thought if His disciples had enough faith they would believe.

Salome’s conversion is a three-year process from the time she was fifteen and danced before Herod to the resurrection of Jesus three years later. Her greedy mother, whom John the Baptist decried for marrying her husband’s brother whilst he yet lived, tricked her into dancing for her child molester husband. Of course, trust came slowly for Salome, who lets a Roman guard rescue her from the evil palace life. One of John the Baptist’s grieving followers tells Decius, the guard, that the only home open to Salome would be with Jesus’ mother, Mary.

This fictional account of the miracles, includes Salome’s practical explanations for each of them. Even though she knows the 23rd Psalm and believes in her Creator, her unscrupulous upbringing keeps her tied to what she can prove on her own. Walking with Jesus for three years, convinces her, He is a just man, a kind man, a man who understands the fears of the destitute and shunned in society. She doesn’t experience the peace that Decius feels walking with Jesus for those three years-until the resurrection. Then she is given the gift of faith so long withheld by her brains resistance to the truth—that Jesus came to save us all from our sins of self-will, to promise an eternal peace-filled home in Heaven, if we accept that’s why Jesus walked for three years on our earth.

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